My dog is beauteous

Hey guys please send some prayers my way. My dog is dying.


The dash is dead, you guys know the drill.

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My baby is tired.

The exchange ended with a groggy goodbye, as Brent went home and left Hummingbird to her thoughts.

Brent came home with Hummingbird and it seemed to have been going well… until Brent fell asleep in her bed and she had to crash on the couch.

Hummingbird: Sooo… we’re good friends.

Brent:  I wouldn’t go that far, but your point?

Hummingbird: Let’s go out.

On her way to snag a man

Eliza: So you’re friends with Brent now?

Hummingbird: More or less?  He’s nicer now than he was when we met.

Eliza: You should try dating!

Hummingbird: Who?

Eliza: Brent! You guys would be perfect for each other!

Hummingbird:  I guess I could ask him out…