There probably won’t be any posts until about Monday, as I am currently in Idaho.

Kia likes to watch Malcolm sleep. So do I, coincidentally.

Why are you still at school? Adam. Go home.

Bellamy: This is all your fault!

…That you have to do homework?

Bellamy: If you hadn’t started this stupid legacy in the first place, then I would never have had to do this homework.

By not existing?

Just a note to show that I’ve actually figured out how to edit my photos! Check out the difference with these two pictures of Aubrey!

Katrine: Look mom, I’m sorry! Don’t be mad.

Aubrey:  AND why shouldn’t I be?

Katrine: Because everybody always expects me to be perfect all the time! I am a genius, and so it’s always a lot of pressure to keep up all of the hard work to maintain a perfect record. I don’t wanna do it sometimes.

Aubrey: Sweetie, I know how it is. Life can be overbearing and scary sometimes. Trust me, I know. But if I shut down and hid every time I  was frightened, then I wouldn’t have done anything with my life. Now, because I kept going , I have a beautiful family that I love with all of my heart.

Katrine: I love you mom.

Aubrey: I love you too, but you’re still grounded.

Aubrey: Just WHAT do you think you are doing young lady? 

Katrine: What? All I did was skip school today!

Aubrey: This is not something to be taken lightly, Katrine! You are an incredibly intelligent young girl! Some people might even call you a genius. If you aren’t going to school then you aren’t living up to your full potential!!

So while the other two kids went off to school, Katrine rolled a wish to skip school. So, she worked on her logic skill and played chess all day.

If looks could kill, Katrine.